Do I need a Facebook Page?Great Question!

We recommend both, long term, and as soon as possible.

Some key reasons why you need both;

  • Facebook is where social marketing is currently strongest
  • Facebook makes it easy to connect and share with customers
  • Your website is authoritative
  • You have control over your website


Facebook is free to setup, easy to setup, has all the standard tools for marketing to their captive audience.  Captive being the key word here.

Facebook have cleverly designed their systems to keep everyone on Facebook, unless you start paying to send them out through their Ad system.

There are ways, but you may find it frustrating, or hard to deliver the message the way you want.  But Facebook is where all the social networking happens, it is a great place for viral marketing.

With your website, think of it as a portal to your brand.  A website on your domain name shows you are committed and own that space.

You can build it exactly how you want and market how you want, and send your traffic where ever you want.

Started selling on Amazon, great, send people there, or a Partners website to pick up a great deal, or Facebook to Follow you.  Collect personal information on your website, that you can now use to better understand your customers, like email address, physical locations, birthdays.

Build Your Facebook Page Now…

A little secret about Facebook, their help pages are awesome!  Use Facebook with your personal account, create a page for your idea, and you can post as your page, and add people to help you administer the page at any time, like us 😉